Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shark Attack to A German Woman

She returned to the Sharks hit back hard at Sharm el-Sheikh after a relative lull .. they had been a German tourist was killed yesterday afternoon after being attacked by a shark.

During exercise in the sport of swimming near the area of Tiran in Sharm el-Sheikh, and this is the first event of the death of a tourist as a result of a shark attack, and the fifth case of attacking these fish during the week. Has decided yesterday, Major General Mohammed Abdel-Fadil Shusha governor of South Sinai to stop all cruises, tourism, and various activities in Sharm El-Sheikh, has sent the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and a delegation of experts of Marine Sciences and dealing with loans to South Sinai to study and discuss the phenomenon in a scientific manner to find out their causes. and issued instructions for the management of natural reserves for the continuation of the comprehensive survey of the area. It will be recalled that the Sinai has a distinctive alternative sites for diving in gold until the danger has passed

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