Monday, 6 December 2010

Billion Dollar House – Ultimate Luxury or Living Hell

This past week Mukesh Ambani, thanks to a big jump in the Indian stock market, was handed the title of “Richest Man in the World” but sadly for him a day later it turned out to be a miscalculation.
Even so, Ambani’s correct net worth is estimated in the $50 Billion range, ranking him comfortably in the world’s top 5 richest men.
What does someone with $50 Billion do when they need new digs?
Build a billion dollar home of course! Below, thanks to Mumbai Mirror are some of the specs:
Mumbai AmbaniResidence
According to the plan, the house will rise to a height of 173.12 meters, equivalent to that of a regular 60-storeyed residential building. However, Antilia will have only 27 storeys in all, which means each floor will have a ceiling considerably higher than the current average of nearly three meters.
Six floors for parking
The first six floors will be reserved for parking alone, and that too for cars belonging only to Mukesh’s family. Space for a total of 168 ‘imported’ cars has been earmarked here.
Floor for car maintenance
Sources said the Ambanis would prefer to have all their cars serviced and maintained at an in-house service centre. This centre will be set up on the seventh floor.
Entertainment floor
The eighth floor will have an entertainment centre comprising a mini-theatre with a seating capacity of 50.
Balconies with gardens
The rooftop of the mini-theatre will serve as a garden, and immediately above that, three more balconies with terrace gardens will be independent floors.
The ‘health’ floors
While the ninth floor will a ‘refuge’ floor – meant to be used for rescue in emergencies – two floors above that will be set aside for ‘health.’ One of these will have facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, while the other will have a health club complete with the latest gym equipment.
For guests
There will be a two-storeyed glass-fronted apartment for the Ambani family’s guests above the health floors. One more refuge floor and one floor for mechanical works will be built on top of these apartments.
The four floors at the top, that will provide a view of the Arabian Sea and a superb view of the city’s skyline, will be for Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their three children and Mukesh’s mother Kokilaben.
Air space floor
According to the plan, two floors above the family’s residence will be set aside as maintenance areas, and on top of that will be an “air space floor,” which will act as a control room for helicopters landing on the helipad above.
The plan states that three helipads are to be built on the terrace.
The place will require 600 full time staff to keep it running on a day to day basis!
I know we’ve all seen Trump’s gold encrusted New York apartment, but this guy is in another league entirely. I would sure be interesting to see the public reaction in America if anyone was to build a house this opulent. But given the horrific poverty that is present in India, to build a structure like this as a personal residence does seem to be highly insensitive at best.
I’m as much of a capitalist as anyone and Mr. Ambani can certainly do as he pleases with all that dough, but I do think an awareness of the fate of those around him should play into his actions.
Really will having a house this spectacular give him a better life; or will the separation it creates from virtually everyone else around him make it a regretful nightmare?

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